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Sustainability, Society and the Environment (M.Sc.)

Hier finden Sie eine Liste der Masterarbeiten im Studiengang Sustainability, Society and the Environment, die Prof. Dünckmann in den letzten Jahren als Erstkorrektor betreut hat.


Arth, Adina: Understanding Pro-biodiversity Behaviour in the Tourism Sector: Schleswig-Holstein as an Example

Brandenburger, Klara-Marie: Children’s mapping: exploring collective mapping as a tool to enhance children’s participation in urban development

Merkle, Dominic: Social Sustainability of Micro-scaled Urban Sites: Coworking Spaces in Southern California


Bengert, Eva: Structures of Socio-Ecological Transformation in Rural Areas- A Case Study of Two Northern German Villages

Gichiri, Waithira: Creating Capabilities in the Last Mile: A Look at Social Entrepreneurship and Energy Access

O’Brien, Johanna: Wolves on My Mind- A study of perspectives on wolves in Schleswig-Holstein

Pane, Pauline: Digitalization and Work Culture in Rural Areas: The Case of Coworking Spaces in the Kiel region


Hofstätter, Felicia Nora: Allotment gardens as places for a social-ecological transformation? An empirical research in the frame of practice theory

Jaeger, Larissa: The role of makerspaces in the transition towards sustainability. An analysis of selected initiatives in Germany

Ka-Lam, Cha: An analysis of framing processes within the Hong Kong Environmental Movement

Schmücker, Robin: Labor Interest in the Great Transformation - A Case Study on the Economic Governance of E-mobility in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region

Thölken, Elisabeth: Just Water. Concepts of Justice in Water Treaties in the Middle East


Bahr, Hannah: Individual Perceptions of Sustainability: A Q-Analysis in the Education für Sustainable Development-Network in Schleswig-Holstein

Naumann, Jana: Practices of Cooperation in Real-World Laboratories. An Analysis of Transdisciplinarity from the Perspective of Practice Theory

Signoria, Chiara: Education Common Good and the concept of Education Sovereignity. What is the role of actors "beyond the State and beyond the Church" in shaping the Italian landscape of Primary Education and the face of Public Education?

Taigel, Janina: Transformative Education in Universities. An Analysis of Iniatitives from the Perspective of Transition Management

Weidner, Sebastian: Community Organizing in Germany. An agonistic approach to citizen participation?


Lange, Jan: The Political Ecology of Hunting in Schleswig-Holstein

Müller, Irene: International cooperation for a European energy transition: Norwegian stakeholders' perspectives on 'Norway as agreen battery for Europe?'

Rybicki, Mona: Climate Change Accountability: Exploring the Political Potentials and Constraints of Consumption-based Emission Accounting

Zamuruieva, Iryna: Does this park make you angry? Reimagining socionatural assemblages


Pohlers, Julia: Sustainability science as an emergence of a 'third culture' within science